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You may be short on time, but you can still progress your business and earn good money by utilising our HMO property sourcing services in Nottingham. 

We will source the right property, refurbish the building to meet HMO licence and regulations requirements, and then manage rental and maintenance of the whole project.

Who Uses Our Service?

Our HMO property sourcing clients are single private investors, as well as companies looking to maximise their investment returns from the buoyant UK property market. Using our services and  leveraging your own money to fund the property refurbishment project, will eliminate any usual developer profit that is found in purchasing finished HMO property deals, this in turn will maximise your financial return significantly.


Sourcing Service

We use our expert skills to find the most suitable properties that offer optimal returns. We Identify these investment opportunities through our knowledge of the local Nottingham area, plus our close network of contacts, estate agents, and property agents, that we have built a close relationship with throughout many years.

Refurbishment Service

We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialise in all the different aspects of HMO property.  From the legal, licensing and planning requirements for HMO through the building refurbishment, renovation, and even house extensions and loft conversions to maximise your return on investment. Our property management offers specialist HMO assistance and support from A to B. We are indeed your one stop shop! 


We take care of everything, so you can focus on what’s important.

We’ll find and vet reliable tenants and manage the legalities for a smooth letting process – all while earning you an excellent return for your investment. Now you may ask yourself, what do I do? 

Just watch your ROI grow!!!

What is HMO Property?

For those who don’t know what an HMO is,  it is a type of multiple occupancy dwellings that are managed as one unit. An HMO can be an apartment block, purpose-built block or any other type of residential property designed to house three or more tenants who are not from the same family. When you purchase or rent an HMO, you actually buy into a fully managed community that is governed by rules and regulations within the English Housing Act 2004. All members of the HMO have rights under their respective tenancy agreements – whether they are private tenants with individual leases, residents in shared discount flats, or flatmates renting directly from a landlord. These rules govern issues such as fire safety standards, pest control procedures, how many people may occupy each floor, and even minuscule details like when rubbish should be collected.


We at Henson & Smith, offer a range of services from HMO conversions to refurbishments and house conversions – all under one roof. Our origins began in the early ’90s when we were working solely with property management firms, landlords, and letting agents which were overseen by our sister companies offering quality design solutions for residential properties. In 2008, Henson & Smith entered the commercial market which has given us an edge in understanding complex projects with strict deadlines. A HMO property is known to the most experience property investors as a good investment property Nottingham.


Henson & Smith provide flexible finance options so you can choose how much or how little you want to use our conversion service. All packages include free architectural plans using CAD3D computer technology, fully compliant electrical plans, plumbing layouts, and industry-leading building regulations documentation which is created by our team of in-house architects, design engineers, and qualified building surveyors.

We are among the very few companies to provide our clients with their own dedicated project manager throughout the entire conversion process which ensures all deadlines are met on time every time. We want you to be relaxed, confident, and stress-free knowing that your HMO project is being handled by a professional team who is there every step of the way.

We provide a complete range of services for both commercial properties and homeowners looking for additional living space or more money via property investments.

With over 25 years of experience, Henson & Smith has created thousands of bespoke designs across various sectors. Our senior management has extensive knowledge covering all aspects of construction methodologies, planning, structural engineering and design, as well as project management.

HMO Conversion Specialists in Nottingham

There are many benefits to converting an HH0 property into a house in multiple occupations (HMO). HMO properties can be particularly affordable for students and young professionals when compared to the costs of living in shared accommodation, or alternative types of student accommodation. We work with several major universities throughout the UK to provide high-quality purpose-built HMOs at competitive prices which offer excellent value for money to students, students’ parents, and guardians; landlords; letting agents; housing associations, and developers.


If you’re an existing-building owner who’s looking to capitalize on the current market conditions, our team at  HMO Conversion Specialists UK can help you make the switch quickly and easily. We understand that every property is different, so we offer a variety of services to suit your specific needs. Whether you need a full overhaul or just a few simple updates, we can get the job done quickly and affordably.


Our HMO Conversion Services in Nottingham can be undertaken on a variety of buildings including residential properties, shops and offices. The objective of HMO conversions is to design and build living spaces that are safe, secure and accessible for any size or type of property. The work undertaken includes refurbishment of existing buildings that have been converted into multiple occupancy to suit people renting them as homes rather than purely business ventures.

We offer high quality professional service at low prices with guaranteed customer satisfaction; this has enabled us to provide affordable HMO conversions without compromising on safety, quality or style. We take pride in being able to provide property owners with full support from start to completion of their projects.

Henson & Smith offer a wide range of HMO conversion services that have been designed to meet the needs of clients and ensure they receive maximum value for money as well as peace of mind throughout every stage of the project. The professionals at our company have years of experience in helping people convert their properties into much more useful homes.

We have professional refurbishment and conversion contractors who have the knowledge and expertise to help you accomplish your goal whether it’s suitable for your living situation or business venture. For assistance with a particular property requirement please feel free to contact our team today who will be happy to discuss any issues or concerns that you may have.

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