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What Is An Off Market Property?

An off-market property is a privately owned house or commercial property that has not been advertised on the open market. This means it is attainable for sale to anyone who can offer a high enough price, and there may be no chain involved. There are many reasons why a property owner may choose not to sell their property on the open market, avoiding high estate agency fees in the process.

Off-market properties in the UK can be found in many different ways, but our most popular ways are through repeat business/ referrals and using our off-market UK property list. We do get new business from general online advertising and we also use social media, but these tend to be the less successful methods for finding an off-market property.

Why Choose Us For Your Off-Market Property Sourcing?

The secret to buying property off market is listening, talking and being there when the opportunity arises. We do this by having a large network of professional contacts in the real estate business who will alert us when anything comes on the market. 

If you are looking to buy off-market properties in the UK, then your search needs to come to an end; well at least till you have got in touch with our company. We offer a comprehensive range of property sourcing services that will ensure that you get the right kind of property at the best possible price. No more wasting time on fruitless searches, when you have got the option of working with us.

Our off-market property services are designed to help clients get their hands on properties that are not available in the market at the moment. We understand that every individual has different requirements and needs for a particular property; this is why our off-market service provides you access to information about various properties at your specific requirement before the official launch. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision, with all the necessary details right in front of you. We offer high-quality filtering through which you can get rid of unsuitable options without having to go through endless listings with no guarantee of finding what suits your taste best. To buy a house in Nottingham that is off market requires dealing with an estate agent or property investment consultant well connected in the area.

Who Buys Off-Market Property?

Investors are among those who are always on the lookout for properties that are not available on the market yet. However, they should be careful because there is no guarantee that what you see will stay there or sell fast if it does come out in the open. The risks associated with off-market deals can be mitigated further by talking to existing owners and studying other public documents about the home’s history before deciding if the property is worth pursuing. This will help prevent serious budget mistakes due to rookie buying errors. If you have done enough research then it’s time to contact us, so we can offer you our off market property sourcing services in the UK, and you can get on with everything else in your life!

When It Comes To Buying Property In The UK, There Are Many Options Available  

It is very difficult to get to know about these properties beforehand. Our off-market service enables you to have access to all necessary information about the specific property you are looking for, prior to going on the official list of properties available. We use a high-quality filtering system which will let you pass on any options that do not fit your taste or requirement.

There are several reasons why people opt for buying off-market property in the UK. Some common reasons are listed below:

Get a previously unseen property – Buying an off-market means getting hold of a property that has never been listed online or anywhere else. This gives you an upper hand as you will be the only person aware of it.

Save on cost – This is not a common practice but some agents charge lower fees when they know that you are going for an off-market deal.

In addition to this, buying property from a developer before it gets listed is beneficial in many ways.

Are Off Market Property Investments Worth It?

A lot of people think that off-market property investments are not worth it because you never know what kind of hidden problems will come up with the property and how much renovation work needs to be done. There is some truth to this and you should be aware of all the potential problems. However, many investors like off-market properties because the deals are often great compared to other types of investments they can make, especially in today’s economic environment.

Why Buy An Off Market Property?

Save Money

Because You Will be buying at a discount price. In general terms, you should not expect properties on the open market to  achieve the same type of discounts you would get on off market properties.


Less Competition

Because there are fewer buyers than for properties that are advertised to the open market, you will be buying in a less competitive environment.


You Can Secure Your Target Property Quickly

If you act swiftly and decisively, then an off  market property can be yours within a matter of weeks or months.


Emotional Satisfaction

because you own the target property outright and without anyone else’s input, and because you will know exactly what your investment is worth at all times, then there is no greater feeling than that of buying off market properties.

Avoid The Hassles Of Chain Breakage

stamp duty and all other associated legal, finance and conveyancing issues that might arise in the sale of a standard property.

Secrecy And Discretion Until The Deal Is Over The Line

Whilst off market properties are not considered a “safe investment” they have been known to hold their value well in times of economic downturn, and prices only tend to rise.


Other Reasons

  • Access to all properties – not just those that are advertised on the open market.
  • Avoid estate agent Fees and advice that may not be in your best interests.
  • Secure off market properties to suit your needs without them being advertised to other buyers , so you avoid costly bidding wars.
  • Protect your privacy – avoid being on a dangerous data sharing list.
  • Take your time over researching and viewing a selection of off market properties that have been thoroughly vetted for you by our professional team.
  • Negotiate from a position of strength as an influential buyer with specific criteria , rather than a general member of the public, or a cash buyer.
  • Gain access to properties that are not yet on the market – from commercial property deals to unique family homes in sought-after locations.
  • You can buy at much lower asking prices when dealing directly with the owner because many owners would prefer to have a smaller cheque all in one go rather than a series of small cheques over time.
  • Save money, save time and get exactly what you’re looking for – we’ll even do the leg work because we know how busy you are and we also know that your area is important to you.
  • People who would like to use our off market property sourcing service in the UK,  please give us a call, or fill out our contact form and we will contact you shortly.

Off Market Property vs On Market Properties

The advantages of buying an off-market property are that your deal will not have any competition. On Market, Properties are subject to lots of competition which results in the buyer getting a better deal than if they were buying Off-Market.

The main reasons people buy off-market properties are because the deals are really good, offer quick cash solutions, and sometimes can take less time than on-market properties. This is especially true for On-market property that has been on the market for a while and no one has made an offer to buy.

One of the main advantages of buying your property off-market is that you’ll have a much greater choice, particularly when it comes to size, layout, and location. Not only will there be more properties available for you from which to choose from but you’ll also have the opportunity to take your time and carefully select a property that ticks all of your boxes as opposed to being restricted by one that is already marketed on-market.

Buying off-market can be much easier than buying a home that’s for sale because you don’t have the pressure from buyers who want to buy quickly and don’t want to negotiate. You can look at properties whenever you feel like it, and compare prices and features without the pressure of needing to make a quick decision. This means that your real estate agent can take more time finding you a property which is exactly what you’re looking for instead of trying to match a home with someone who doesn’t really care about the property.

One of the best things about buying off-market is that you can negotiate directly with the owner of the home, rather than relying on your real estate agent to do everything for you. You have complete control over whether or not to make an offer and what terms to include in it. When you buy off-market property, you will have a lot of leeway in negotiations, and deals can happen much more quickly.

Off-market property investment is considered to be the best real estate investment as compared to buying on-market properties where you need to pay fees, taxes, and other charges.

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