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We have a reputation for turning single let properties from average to exceptional. With our skilled team of professional builders and trades people, and only high quality materials, you can be sure that your investment will not only yield more than expected but also provide long-term tenants with an appealing place in which they’ll want to stay!

With the popularity of single-let properties on the rise, there is a significant demand for tenants in this type of accommodation. However, if you are planning to rent out your property to achieve higher rents then you need to bear in mind that your property needs to be in good condition and meet certain requirements set by law. Making renovations before renting out your property will increase its marketability and provide you with a better rental income.

When it comes time to renovate or refurbish any single-let property, then hiring someone like Henson & Smith who specialises in high end renovation work, plus property extensions, conversions, and restorations of older buildings. Then you can trust us to complete the work to an exceptional standard, on budget, and to schedule. This way you can move your tenant into your single letting, so you can start to collect rental payments, and see your investment grow!

People tend to let out their property when it is in need of some renovations

While this might be the most convenient choice sometimes, for instance for landlords with multiple properties, it could also be less beneficial in the long run since renters tend to value rentals that are presented better with no flaws.

That is why you should rather invest some time and money into single let renovations – because even your rental clients would appreciate a clean apartment with few issues, especially if they are not aware of what lies beneath the surface. Renovating a property to rent out to tenants is a common property investment strategy all over the world.

It may take more time to find a renter who will pay enough but with an increased rent per month you can definitely make up for it several times over, especially if you do proper market research beforehand!

Why should I care about single let renovations?

Because people don’t tend to feel comfortable in homes with many issues – no matter how good your marketing skills are! That is why if you put some effort into renovating your property, be it a flat or a house, you will eventually see your income increasing.


What should I pay attention to during my single let renovation?

The most important thing is to make the home feel inviting and comfortable. In the case of flats, for example, this means painting rooms in neutral colours, bringing in some plants and not too many pieces of furniture. In the case of townhouses on the other hand maybe investing in an attractive lawn would be more beneficial. Also, make sure that everything is clean before showing the place – you don’t want prospective tenants walking out because of some small issue you overlooked at the last minute!

Is it a good idea to buy flats/houses with the intention of renting them after renovations? 

That depends on your long-term plan. If you’re planning to stay in the house for a long time, it might be a good idea to invest now and improve your rental income later. In case of an emergency or if you need money quickly, the renovations will bring the value of your property up as well as increase its rental potential.


Can I do everything by myself? 

That depends on what exactly needs doing and what you want to achieve with the renovation. Some tasks are harder than others and some require specific skills or certification – better leave them to professionals or at least make sure that whatever work is being done is going according to regulations and safety standards.

Do minor repairs after renovations pay off?

Absolutely! You don’t have to renovate your whole  property before you can rent or sell it. Any kind of repairs or improvements, whether small or big, will increase the value of your property and make it more attractive for renters.


Why should I renovate my single let before renting?

Because good tenants won’t want to live on a construction site any more than you do – they’ll move out if asked to wait too long after renovations begin, leaving you with months (or even years!) of work ahead on an almost-vacant property.

Single let renovations often go hand in hand with single let investment, and can be just as important as effective marketing to find suitable renters – so it’s worth thinking carefully about what you need before you begin your next project!

See our renovation services page for more information on improving your single let property:


What are some examples of renovations that pay off?

Ranging from painting and decorating, to adding extra space with loft conversions, house extensions, installing a new bathroom or upgrading the kitchen space, the sky’s the limit. If you’re not sure what exactly needs doing in your single let property, feel free to contact us for advice!

What are some examples of renovating a property that doesn’t pay off?

Renovations such as putting up new wallpaper or installing fitted wardrobes (unless you’re updating the whole house) do little except introduce unnecessary work and waste time and money. It’s important to renovate for a purpose and ensure that it will have the desired effect of bringing you more money in return.

Despite this list being extensive, many landlords limit themselves to interior redecoration alone without considering what they could include in their renovation project so they don’t have to pay for further updates in the future.

On top of updating everything inside your home with new wallpaper and later repainting that wall (should you need to), an exclusive property investor should also turn their attention to updating the exterior of the property and modernising its general appearance.

If you plough all your funds into buying your single let house and then want to achieve a decent rental yield (i.e. around 3% of the property value), it is imperative that you plan for future investment and include some renovations so you can continue to add value to your property.

Take full advantage of our property sourcing, and buying power with local building suppliers. Together with our reliable professional team of builders, we can offer true value to your single-let renovation investment project. We can source, renovate, and manage, why go anywhere else? We are indeed your one-stop shop! Whether it’s a total refurbishment or a simple refresh with painting and decorating. Call us now for a fast quote and dedicated service.

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