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Time Saving

For busy people “time is money” Our time saving services, source the best property for our clients, quickly and efficiently as possible. We also provide complete professional support, and guidance in dealing with any legal issues that may arise during transactions. Our team has the experience to deal with all the hidden discrepancies involved with financial deals and their legalities. We will proceed to carry out, and work to carry out all the complex stages of your property deal from search to completion. Our methods are transparent and guaranteed to save you time and money!

Our Searches

We offer an elite service that searches and obtains properties for our clients. Whether your intention is to purchase a property for yourself, buy to let, investment purpose, commercial property, or land for development, you can lay your trust in our sourcing skills.

Tailor Made Property Sourcing Solutions

We have a unique approach to property sourcing by taking into account the needs of our individual clients. We take a detailed assessment of their requirements and tailor an exact solution to execute a cast iron property deal, taking into account any legal issues or conflict of interest during the transaction. We are proud of our track record in the property investment market, our streamline management solutions are second to none!

Full Support

Most professional people know that time is money! Save that valuable time by utilising our bespoke property sourcing services. We find and deliver the best quality property deals to our clients through our close network. So if you are looking for the best result for property sourcing in Nottingham, remarkable efficiency in proceses, and a way to buy property without all the hassle and time consuming conflict of interest, call us now!

Access to our Trusted Network of Contractors and Partners

We have a network of professional and trusted tradesmen.This allows us to quickly react to any property repair work that may be required by our clients. We always forward all quotations to our clients beforehand, to obtain their approval, before any work commences. Our highly motivated and experienced property sourcing specialists are a dedicated team that offers a wide range of personalised vproperty services for our clients.

How does it work?

Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation, either by phone or in person. This session will help us identify your financial objectives and determine how best we can assist you achieve them, with our resources and assistance.

Property Selection

We have a proven track record in finding the right property deals for our investment clients. We carefully select properties that meet all their criteria and needs. Then our reports are expertly prepared, with a framework for any opportunity to move forward, our expert opinion and cost.

You Choose The Property

The next step is to show you these hand picked properties, so you can view and select the property/properties that most suit your investment strategy goals. We also arrange any appropriate meetings with sellers or landlords, and their agents if required. If we feel any issues arise that need the attention of a professional solicitor, we will provide through our network. Based on your specific, and individual requirements, we will generate a clear cut procedure and proposal to help you move forward with your property investment portfolio. Our sourcing team are at your service, whether it’s to broaden your current property portfolio, find a new home for your family, we are here to make sure that you get the most cost-effective and lucrative deal!

Negotiating The Best Deal

Once an agreement has been made on the property you require, we will negotiate on your behalf with the selling agent, vendor, solicitor, or tradesmen to purchase and secure at the best possible price, and also guide the purchase throughout the deal, so the transaction proceeds smoothly and securely. If the property is in need of refurbishment, we can arrange for that too.

Why Work With Our Team?

25 Years of Experience in Property

With over 25 years of experience in both the residential and commercial property markets, you can safely be assured that we have exceptional knowledge and expertise in this field. You can lay your trust in our ability to manage your companies, or individual property portfolio. Even if you are looking for your first home or guidance in the world of property investment, do give us a call, our advice will be paramount to your success!

Land sourcing and site acquisitions service

Land sourcing and site acquisitions are two key aspects of developing property, especially when it is for commercial purposes. One of the main reasons that the land market is so strong in London, even post-recession, is because there are very few spaces where buildings can be legally developed without having an accompanying piece of land. The demand for plots to build homes or offices vastly outstrips supply, meaning that prices continue to push up year after year. Businesses looking to expand their operations also need space, whether this is for warehousing or showrooms. The price of vacant commercial units in developed areas has increased by 60% since 2008 according to recent research from Savills.

Land sourcing and site acquisitions can both prove difficult processes, particularly when a time constraint is in place. The vast majority of land in the UK is tied-up with restrictive covenants and only a tiny minority, less than 0.2% of England, is classified as ‘ brownfield ‘. This means that it is very difficult for developers to find suitable plots without buying agricultural or forestry land that may have been used previously for industry rather than homes or offices.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when choosing the right property, from transport links to road access, ecological impact assessment, and landscape features. However, by partnering with local experts who have extensive knowledge of the market your business will be able to navigate these challenges and find a prime piece of real estate on which to build your project.

Our  Land sourcing and site acquisitions service is one of the most advanced in the UK.

The search will be carried out by either a consultant or specialist who has extensive knowledge about sites within your area, depending on how much information you are able to provide. If required, we can arrange for different options to be presented online where you can compare these at your leisure before making an informed decision. You may need to make some quick decisions regarding the budget available for each area, therefore it is important that our team understand exactly what resources are within your control so that they can deliver practical solutions based on current market prices along with any essential criteria you already have.

We will request all necessary planning permissions from the local authority if not yet granted allowing us to shorten the time frames involved in delivery. Securing the site is our first priority and we will continue to work with you as the landowner or tenant to ensure that an agreement is reached as smoothly as possible.

Once the site has been secured, it is then important to commence with the design process so that the development can commence without any delays. Our in-house architects are experienced in designing a wide range of commercial developments from small retail units through to larger warehouse schemes. We also have strong relationships with key consultants including planning engineers, quantity surveyors and environmental specialists which allows us to provide a complete service under one roof.

If you would like more information on our land sourcing and site acquisitions please do not hesitate to contact one of our team

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